اکتشاف آب

Our company field of work is about groundwater exploration. We did more than 80 projects for supplying water demands for some farmers, factories, and municipal water companies … by means of locating the best positions for water wells and providing best technical drilling suggestions. We do groundwater exploration projects in both alluvial or hard rock aquifers.

Geophysical investigations are used in groundwater exploration. In the geophysical investigations, geological knowledge of company experts are vital for successful interpretations of geophysical data otherwise that studies will fail. So because of our key personnel's broad geological and hydrogeological experiences in different geological situations, always we consider this point and so correlate that data with geological features and our geological inferences.

Also nowadays we are working in the field of site selection and studying underground dams. Because of that experiences we became almost fully familiar with the complete process of water cycle (from precipitation to getting out of reach) and by taking advantage of that experiences we delineate best positions for constructing underground dams.

Finally we know how and where should extract the water before groundwater evaporated or degraded by saline waters and …. So by the means of techniques such as water wells and underground dam, we proide best possible marvelous suggestions.