Our services

Determining best locations for groundwater drilling wells

Studying, analyzing and finally selecting Best possible Sites for constructing underground dams (groundwater dams), providing plans and supervision during construction

Water resources studies in alluvial aquifers (groundwater exploration, determination of more permeable layers, determination of approximate water table, mapping bedrock topography, differentiating between saline, semi saline and fresh groundwater)

Ground Water Exploration in Hard rock Formations (Karstic aquifers)

Providing expert advice on groundwater resources such as determining best kind of drilling techniques suggesting depth and direction of galleries (well tunnels)

Engineering studies for construction sites such as a tunnels, dams, roads, etc. (determination of rock types and sequence of layers, mapping bedrock topography, identifying the faults of the cavities …)

Geophysical studies for determination of location, depth, dimensions of the Mineral layers.