Performing over 80 groundwater exploration projects in different parts of Iran including:
•Service Centers:
Iran Space Organization (Mahdasht site), Parand Azad University, Ghizqalehsi Dam manufactory Kaleibar
• Industrial and mining centers:
Armitage ceramic Company, Saveh; Kasra ceramic Company, Sanandaj; Washcloth Factory, Malard Industrial Area; Awaj , Tarom Sofla and Segzabad Industrial Towns; RAK Ceramic Factory, Shahreza; Hara copper mine, Bandare Khamir
• Livestock, poultry and fish farming units:
Poultry Farm, Parsian; Fish Farming Unit, Shoush; Livestock unit of Gomrokan Village, Mahdash; Livestock Unit, Hamvatan dairy company, Roodehen; Livestock Unit, Mehdi Abad; Livestock unit, Avaj; Livestock unit, Alamut city; livestock unit of Bardsir, Kerman; fish farm of Mohammad Abad Arab, Pishva; 12000 units of livestock cows, Segazabad village, Buein Zahra
• Agricultural gardens and farms in following cities:
Karaj (Kondur village, Ghasem Gorji village and Mohammadshahr district); Malard (Zarin Abad village); Buein Zahra (Jahan Abad and Esmat Abad villages); Danesfahan; Lavasanat; Golpayegan (Shideabad village); Nazarabad; Abyek (village of Ziaran, Salehiyeh village); Roodehen (2 projects); Damavand (Garmabdareh village); Mamuniyeh; Aligudarz (Kan-Sokh village); Garmsar; Savojbolagh (Kordan area and Kohsar village ); Shahriar (Amirieh village); Saveh (4 Projects); Shazand; Marzan Abad; Khansar; Kelardasht; Isfahan (Ashokavand village); Khomeini shahr; Hashtgerd (Khor village); Komijan (Khomar Baghi village); Hashtgerd city; Sari (Telmadreh village); Firoozkooh; Shahrekord; Ben; Kharaghan
• Supplying potable water:
Nazarabad (Abdol Abad village); Sari (Malkhast village)
Other Projects:
Geophysical studies in the Kucherey dam overflow zone in order to identify karstic cavities, sequence of layers and fractured zones. Employer: Tehran Regional Water Authority, Consultant: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineer
Geophysical studies for the exploration of bituminous minerals veins in the gilsonite mine, Aligudarz (Chal Emamzadeh village)